Residential Excavating

residential excavating grand rapids mi

Building a Home in the Holland & Grand Rapids, MI Area?

Turn to us for residential excavating services

When homeowners in the Holland & Grand Rapids, MI area need residential excavating services, they turn to Precision Land Management LLC. You can trust us to take great care of your property.

When you choose us to help with the first steps of your build, we'll create a strong foundation by using a backfilling technique. This involves putting back soil removed from a trench to strengthen the foundation and surrounding structures. Contact us today to see if your land can benefit from backfilling.

When do you need residential excavation?

Residential excavating is required for all kinds of construction projects. We can help you prepare properties for:

  • Driveway installations
  • Basement construction
  • Septic system assembly

Is your driveway full of holes or cracks? We'll tear out the concrete so you can build a new one. Call us now at 269-680-1427 to hire our excavation expert.